Your support makes it possible for us to equip a new generation of ministers to serve in the UK and across Europe
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If you are currently residing in the UK, you can make an online donation to Westminster Seminary using the link below:

All non-UK residents can make online donations to Westminster Seminary in their local currency by using the link below:

Financial Transparency

It is incredibly important to us that our finances are conducted with absolute transparency.


We are registered with the charity commission for England and Wales (Charity #1189657), who provide us with official financial oversight. Our support is also raised via independent platforms, including CAF and TrustBridge, to ensure a high level of accountability.

If you have any questions about supporting Westminster financially, please contact our bursar, Jono Broom, by sending an email to

"The lecturers and students share in the pursuit of excellence, not for its own sake, but to meet the needs of Christ's Church."
Peter, MDiv Student