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President's Welcome


"ἀντεχόμενον τοῦ πιστοῦ λόγου"

Titus 1:9


Our Greek motto above, translated as "holding fast the faithful Word", reminds us of three key truths:

  • The prospective minister must be taught the 'faithful word',

  • He must understand 'sound doctrine' - the good and necessary consequences of the Bible,

  • He must be encouraged to hold fast to this body of orthodox truth.

These truths are the foundation of our core commitments as a seminary: the Westminster Standards, Experiential Calvinism, Presbyterian Ecclesiology, the Ordinary Means of Grace, and the Regulative Principle.  For some, these may be precious truths which need no further introduction.  For others, these life-changing concepts await your discovery.


Given the needs of 21st-century Europe, we have a vision to see a great number of Confessional Presbyterian churches planted. Our distinctive  approach to seminary education revolves arounds this aim, featuring the triad of heart religion, biblical wisdom and leadership.  Men who lack these things, no matter how much academic knowledge they might possess, will never be able to plant a healthy church. 


I have just scratched the surface, but  I hope I have said enough to stir your desire to find out more.  Explore the website and please feel free to get in contact with me if you have any questions.  Come by and visit us in person soon; we would love to have you here.

If you are considering becoming part of the Westminster family, we’d love to hear from you.  Why not get in touch?

Warmly, in Christ​


Revd. Dr. Bill Schweitzer, President

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