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President's Welcome


"ἀντεχόμενον τοῦ πιστοῦ λόγου"

Titus 1:9

Welcome to the website of Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Our Greek motto, holding fast the faithful word, defines the fundamental truths that Westminster exists to commend to the church and, beyond the church, to the world:

  • Gospel ministers must be men whose lives have been shaped by God’s true and faithful word.

  • Gospel ministers must become men who themselves hold fast to God’s true and faithful word.

  • Gospel ministers must be noted as men who seek to make God’s true and faithful word the foundational content of their ministry.


These truths are the core commitments that define the life and vision of Westminster. We are a Reformed, confessional seminary; our commitment to the Westminster Standards, the subordinate standard of orthodox Presbyterian churches, is whole-hearted. However, like our Presbyterian forebears, we desire first to be a seminary where the word of God is front and centre.

At Westminster we understand that the Christian Faith is more than an intellectual commitment to biblical truth. The faith that unites us savingly to the Lord Jesus Christ unites us to the life of God, and transforms us ‘from one degree of glory to another’ (2Cor.3:18). This is simply to say that Christianity is natively and transformatively experiential. This conviction runs through every department of our Seminary. 

To sum up, Westminster exists to promote the glory of God and to train men to be passionate promotors of that glory. We are committed to Martin Bucer’s dictum, 'True theology is not theoretical, but practical. The end of it is living; that is, to live a godly life.' (Vera theologia non theoretica, sed practica est; Finis siquidem eius agere est hoc est vitam vivere deiformem.)

I am sure having read thus far you will have questions, perhaps many questions. Explore our website. Feel free to get in touch with me or our Executive Director, Jonathan Winch. Come in person and experience first hand the ‘feel’ of Westminster. We would love to hear from you and meet you.


With my warmest greetings


Ian Hamilton

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