Course Schedule

Saturday 11th September

BT11 – Evidence for the Bible (Revd Brian Edwards)

BT12 – The Bible as an Authentic Book (Revd Brian Edwards)

BT13 – Why Sixty-Six? (Revd Brian Edwards)

9th October

ST11 – The Trinity and the Church (Revd Dr Kevin Bidwell)

AP11 – Judaism 1 – Jewish Roots of Christianity (Richard Gibson)

AP12 – Judaism 2 – Practical Witness to Jewish People (Richard Gibson)

4th December

ST12 – ‘The Father is of none’ (Revd Dr Ian Hamilton)

ST13 – The Father’s love in Creation and Redemption (Revd Dr Ian Hamilton)

ST14 – Communion with God the Father (Revd Dr Ian Hamilton)

8th January

BT14 – The Kingdom of God part 1 (Professor David McKay)

BT15 – The Kingdom of God part 2 (Professor David McKay)

AP13 – Pluralism (Professor David McKay)

12th February

BT16 – The Covenant King pt 1 (Revd Jonty Rhodes)

BT17 – The Covenant King pt 2 (Revd Jonty Rhodes)

BT18 - The Covenant King pt3 (Revd Jonty Rhodes)

12th March

ST15 - The Eternally Begotten Son (Revd Dan Peters)

ST16 – The Incarnate Son’s work for us (Revd Dan Peters)

AP15 – Islam (Dr Andy Bannister, SOLAS)

9th April

AP14 – Atheistic Secularism (Simon Calvert, The Christian Institute)

ST17 – Communion with the Son (Revd Dan Peters)

AP16 – Roman Catholicism (Revd Dr Ian Hamilton)

14th May

BT19 – The Seed and the Serpent Pt 1 (Revd Dr Peter Naylor)

BT20 – The Seed and the Serpent Pt 2 (Revd Dr Peter Naylor)

AP17 – Liberal Christianity (Revd Dr Peter Naylor)

11th June

ST18 – ‘The Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son’ (Revd Geoff Thomas) ST19 - The Work of the Comforter (Revd Geoff Thomas)

ST20 - Communion with the Holy Spirit (Revd Geoff Thomas)

Course Overview

Biblical Theology(BT)

Why we can trust the Bible and how it fits together


Biblical Theology shows how the whole Bible is a single story told in 66 books. This academic year the Biblical theology strand explores the origin, veracity and unity of the scriptures. Brian Edwards, coauthor of the bestselling Evidence for the Bible and Through the British Museum with the Bible, will get us started; pastor-scholars David McKay, Jonty Rhodes and Peter Naylor will unfold for us three themes that help the reader grasp something of the remarkable coherence that marks out the Bible as God’s self-revelation.

Systematic Theology (ST) 

Communion with God


Systematic Theology asks ‘What does the whole Bible teach about any given topic?’, and this year the topic is Communion with the Triune God. Kevin Bidwell will begin by setting out the overarching doctrine of the Trinity. Ian Hamilton, Dan Peters and Geoff Thomas will then look in turn at the communion we may enjoy with each person of the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For this warmly devotional series we are delighted to have three of our own Faculty, and a great friend of Westminster Geoff Thomas, at the podium.

Practical Apologetics (AP)

Defence of the Faith

 Far from putting Christians on the back foot, apologetics enables God’s people to “give a reason for the hope that is within them” in a clear and winsome way (1 Peter 3:15-16). This shorter strand will look at the religious and secular alternatives that people follow rather than the worship of the true God. Simon Calvert with atheistic secularism; we will also consider Islam and defective forms of Christianity.

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