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"A revival means days of heaven upon earth."

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Do you long to regain your first love, to renew your passion to reach the lost, to gain a fresh vision of God?

From 14-16 October 2021 we had the privilege of welcoming renowned speakers from around the UK to speak on the topic of revival. On this page you can view the addresses that were given by Iain H Murray, Ian Hamilton, Geoff Thomas, Jeremy Walker, Brian Edwards, Maurice Roberts, Warren Peel and Peter Naylor, as well as bonus interview content. 

We would love you to join us for our next conference on 'Christ's Mission for the Church', which will take place in Newcastle from 20-22 October 2022. You can find out more about that here.  

Revival Conference 2021
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1. Thursday | Warren Peel | Welcome & Opening Sermon
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2. Thursday | Jeremy Walker | Preaching and Revival: The Spirit and the Word
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3. Thursday | Iain Murray | Reformation as Revival: England in the 16th Century
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4. Friday | Kevin Bidwell | Morning Devotions
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5. Iain H Murray | Books and Revival
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7. Friday | Geoff Thomas| Wales, 1904: Revival and its Fruit
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8. Friday | Ian Hamilton | Jonathan Edwards and the Awakening in Northampton
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9. Friday | Brian Edwards | Revival: A People Saturated with God
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10. Saturday | Richard Holst | Morning Devotions
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11. Geoff Thomas | The Holy Spirit and Revival
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12. Saturday | Peter Naylor | The Valley of Dry Bones
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13. Saturday | Maurice Roberts | Longing for Revival
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Geoff Thomas - Why I believe in Revival
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Brian Edwards - What happens when Revival arrives?
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Jeremy Walker - What can happen in Revival?
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2021 Conference Photos

The photos below give a small impression of the Revival Conference. If your appetite has been whetted, why not think about joining us from 20-22 October 2022 for our conference on the Mission of the Church?