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Bringing Light to the Labour Camps

Updated: Jun 14

For most of us, Dubai's sprawling labour camps seem a world away - no more than an occasional headline on our morning newsfeed. For Westminster student Neeraj, they are his mission field.

Following his marriage to Hannah late last year, Neeraj relocated to Dubai where his wife is completing her Master's studies in psychology. Although evangelism is illegal in the UAE, Neeraj is working with local churches to find ways to reach the vast numbers of foreign workers housed in makeshift camps around Dubai.

The conditions in the camps are appalling, with up to seven men crowded into a single room and barely even the most basic provisions for hygiene. As workers from several countries congregate here, Neeraj's language skills have proved invaluable, allowing him to minister in English, Hindi and Bengali.

Balancing this work with his theological studies at Westminster is no mean feat. Neeraj also manages to continue online Bible studies with contacts from his home town of Calcutta. Encouragingly, a number of people from the UAE have recently joined these groups.

Financial Appeal

In 2022 we launched a financial appeal to help Neeraj with his tuition fees and were thrilled to have raised the full amount in only a few hours. In the past year, Neeraj has progressed exceptionally well in his studies, with encouraging feedback from all his tutors.

We would therefore like to ask our supporters for the sum of £2,000 to cover his tuition fees for the coming academic year. Please click here to give.

Would you also join us in praying that he would know God's help as he;

  • continues in his theological studies at Westminster.

  • becomes increasingly involved in a local church in the UAE.

  • continues with the labour camp ministry and his Bible study ministry.

  • develops his tent making business to be able to support his wife.

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