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The Tower Library

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

With the generous donations of the personal library of Dr Geoff Thomas and the late John J. Murray, Westminster’s current library of 8,000 volumes is set to double in size.

In a stunning makeover, the historic tower at All Saints Presbyterian Church, on Newcastle’s Quayside, is being transformed into a setting worthy of the treasure it will receive.

The octagonal stone-walled room has already been lined with shelves, and it stands ready to receive the new volumes after they’ve been shipped and catalogued.

The books are to be the jewel in a crown: a treasure trove of the best Evangelical and Reformed literature within the atmospheric setting of what poet John Betjeman called ‘England’s most beautiful Georgian chapel’.

The centrepiece of the room will be a glass-topped octagonal table – lovingly crafted from the old font, and providing ample study space for generations of scholars to come.

We don’t want to keep these good things to ourselves; we plan to open our library to the wider Christian public as Tyneside Evangelical Library in 2022.

Watch this space!

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