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Study under Revd Dr Ian Hamilton

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Do you have an appetite for church history? Would you like a taste of formal theological study?

Each summer Westminster students take a series of week-long courses under some of the foremost theological educators on either side of the Atlantic. This year the Rev Dr Ian Hamilton, Professor of Historical Theology, is opening up his class on Modern Church History to a wider audience.

The three-day class will cost £30.00. To register your interest, or to find out more, fill in the simple form here.

Why study church history?

We put the question to Dr Hamilton.

Oh, there are multiple reasons!

“The God we worship is a God of history. The Bible is more than a book of history but it is not less than a book of history. God did not stop working at the close of the canon.

It is important to understand where we are as a Church, how we got to where we are, how the Lord has kept His church amidst the many cultural pressures.

“God has planted his church in the midst of history – the theology, sociology, philosophy of the times. Through church history we can learn how to navigate through the pressures, the ‘isms’, of our own age as the people of God.”

Who is the most influential figure of modern Church history?

“Other than the Lord Himself, it is a difficult question!

“Jonathan Edwards, for his theological and philosophical understanding and contribution,

“or Charles Hodge, whose three-volume systematic theology had significant influence on the church in the West,

“or Martin Lloyd Jones…”

Come along to learn more

The class will be taking place 12-15th July at the Westminster seminary. Those interested can register here.

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