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2021 Revival Conference: Bookings Open

Updated: May 13, 2021

What comes to your mind when you think of revival? Do you long for it? Can Christians play their part in bringing revival about?

CH Spurgeon wrote “Revival begins by Christians getting right first and then spills over into the world.”

Revival is the theme of this year’s Autumn Conference from Westminster Seminary. Book now to confirm your place here.

Experienced speakers

Iain H Murray, Geoff Thomas, Brian Edwards, Maurice Roberts, Jeremy Walker and Warren Peel, Bill Schweitzer and Peter Naylor are confirmed speakers. All are experienced pastors; many have taught and written extensively on revival. With topics such as ‘A People Saturated with God’, ‘The Welsh Revival of 1904 and its Impact on My Family, ‘Reformation and Revival: England in the 16th Century, and ‘Longing for Revival’ our time together promises to be fascinating as well as edifying.

Why not join us?

A conference is a great way to meet, and fellowship with, others. In previous years the Autumn Conference has drawn people from across the UK and Europe, alongside other Christians from four continents.

Thinking ahead to this year’s conference Joy (aged 22) said “I’m really looking forward to great talks from world renowned speakers, and being able to fellowship with like-minded believers!

Reflecting on last year’s conference, Doug from Cambridge said I was hugely blessed. Every talk was of a very high quality - full of Biblical truth, practical wisdom, and an appropriate level of challenge. The fellowship was a real encouragement…I am already looking forward to the conference in 2021.


Ticket prices are heavily subsidised; for more information, including how to register, visit

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