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Public Lecture on Ethics: Professor David MacKay

Updated: May 13, 2021

Westminster is delighted to have Professor David McKay from the Reformed Presbyterian College for a guest lecture on Ethics on Tuesday, 14th May (7:30 PM). He is the minister of Shaftesbury Square RPC in Belfast. Professor McKay will hold his public lecture on ‘Perspectives on Ethics: Salvation, Community, Conscience.‘ This will serve as a supplementary lecture for the students from Seminary who have been studying Ethics this past term. Yet, dealing biblically with ethical issues is an urgent priority for us all. This will, therefore, be a public lecture and we encourage as many as possible to attend. Professor McKay will provide us with biblical perspectives to help us navigate ethical dilemmas.

He is also the author of an excellent book on Covenant Theology The Bond of Love.

You are invited to come along at Tuesday, 14th May (7:30 PM) at Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

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