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Rekindling the Fire

The northeast of Scotland was once a Christian stronghold. Now, the ruins of medieval abbeys, churches and cathedrals dot the countryside in an area of growing secularism. It is here that Westminster's latest student Peter Barrow seeks to rekindle the gospel fire.

Peter, his wife Kate, Esther, Rebekah and Daisy the Cockapoo

"I live in Brechin, Scotland with my wife Kate and our two daughters Esther & Rebekah. I obtained a BA Hons degree in International Management at Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh which included one year at Angelo State University, Texas, USA. My father was an Anglican minister who died when I was a young teenager and I had always identified as a Christian, but more out of a sense of loyalty to my father, rather than from a personal relationship with Jesus. It was during my year at Angelo State University that I experienced Jesus’s love in a real and personal way, and it was here that I discovered that He wanted a relationship with me and that He had a plan for my life."

"I returned home with a renewed energy and desire to serve God in my local church."

Following over a decade of career development, Peter began to feel God's call on his life. "In early 2020 I attended a FIEC Hub conference in Milton Keynes and was thankful to meet many men such as myself, who felt a pull to go into Ministry. I left the conference feeling as though I was at a crossroads. The leader assigned to me at the conference told me that due to my family circumstances, my financial circumstances, and my remote, rural location, it would be difficult to pursue my desire to become a full-time minister. I returned home, however, with a renewed energy and desire to serve God and my local church."

"I am keenly aware of the need for me to be properly trained in areas that I am lacking, so that I am prepared for what I pray will be a faithful and useful ministry"

After speaking with his minister and taking up preaching opportunities in a number of churches across the area, Peter was appointed in 2021 as a ‘Pastor in Training’ at Deeside Christian Fellowship near Aberdeen. "I am keenly aware of the need for me to be properly trained in areas that I am lacking, so that I am prepared for what I pray will be a faithful and useful ministry. As such, I have enrolled in the Westminster Seminary’s MDiv programme which I will complete alongside my practical training at Deeside Christian Fellowship."

In a country once shaped by the gospel, the church in many regions is in decline. Scotland's second biggest religion, and by far its fastest growing religion, is no religion at all. In this context, Peter has responded to a calling from God to leave his secular work, with the accompanying security this gives, and to be light and salt to the rural northeast of Scotland.

Partnering with Peter

Peter has joined our Master of Divinity programme this Autumn to better prepare himself for ministry in Scotland. He has registered for 12 Credit Hours of courses this semester, which equates to roughly 168 hours of tuition. He has indicated that he would like to add to his course work in the Spring semester. He will continue to train at Deeside Christian Fellowship during his studies. Peter’s wife (Kate), home-educates their two daughters and so they rely solely on the provision of God’s people for all their expenses. We are asking for a contribution to his tuition fees which is £2835.00. If you are not able to donate the full amount, even a portion given by many will meet this need.

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