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New Website Launch

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

A website is an open door into someone’s home. A good website will leave us feeling we’ve made a visit, been shown around, received hospitality.

Sometimes surprising, occasionally intimate, always illuminating, the glimpse a website brings into the heart of an institution tells us what it values most.

As we launch this new website – long overdue, we know – we do so with the prayer that our values, vision and convictions will resonate with you. We want to encourage you, answer your questions, make you feel welcome.

We exist to serve the church. Our resource hub will feature a growing number of sermons and presentations delivered at Westminster over the years. Contributions from our own Faculty already feature alongside conference addresses from respected international speakers and authors; men like Joel Beeke, Geoff Thomas and David Strain.

If you share our love for the church as Christ’s glorious body, our passion for church planting, and our reverence for the Word of God we’d love you to help us improve. As you explore our website please take a moment to pass on feedback.

We take a distinctive approach here at Westminster. Our students come from a range of theological backgrounds, but they all aspire to growth in three areas: heart religion, wisdom, and the courage to lead from the front. If you believe you may be called to the ministry and share this aspiration please get in touch. We’d love to speak with you.

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