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New President Appointed

Rev Dr Ian Hamilton has been announced as the next President of Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Educated at the Universities of Strathclyde and of Edinburgh, Dr Hamilton is first and foremost a pastor, ministering at Loudoun Church of Scotland, Ayrshire, and then Cambridge Presbyterian Church over a 37-year period.

Dr Hamilton is a trustee of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and of the Banner of Truth Trust, and editor of the Banner of Truth Magazine. He has taught extensively around the world, including as lecturer at London Seminary, Edinburgh Theological Seminary and Greenville. His books include commentaries on Ephesians and the Letters of John, The Faith Shaped Life, and Words from the Cross (forthcoming).

Ian is married to Joan, and they have four children and five granddaughters.

Dr Hamilton’s appointment maintains Westminster’s commitment to leadership by pastor-theologians. In Ian’s words, “Westminster exists to promote the glory of God and to train men to be passionate promotors of that glory.”

In welcoming Dr Hamilton, Trustees also expressed sincere thankfulness for the remarkable work done through founding president Bill Schweitzer: “Through the work of the seminary here in Newcastle we trust that hundreds, thousands, will hear the gospel faithfully preached in the decades to come, and that they will find it a savour of life unto life.”

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