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Launch of 'Westminster Q&A'

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In 2 Timothy 2:2, Paul envisages a cascade of truth through successive generations. Timothy is to receive the words of Paul and then entrust them to a new cohort of faithful men who, in turn, will pass these words on to others after them.

This prompts the question: how can we best pass on the wisdom of experienced Christians to a new generation?

Westminster Q&A is one answer to this. It is a series of bitesize video interviews with experienced pastors and scholars from across the UK, designed to cover key theological questions.

Each video last 2-3 minutes, and features some of the speakers that we are privileged to welcome to Westminster throughout the year. From Ian Hamilton's top theological book suggestions, to Peter Sanlon's explanation of a call to Christian ministry, we hope that this video playlist will encourage Christians to learn from experienced ministers.

We are planning more videos to go out in the coming weeks, so if you have a question you would like our speakers to answer, why not get in touch?

You can view the whole playlist on Youtube by clicking here.

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