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Arrested by God

Updated: Jun 14

"I was born in Moldova, an Eastern European country that belonged to the Soviet Republic 35 years ago. Although my mother classified herself as Greek Orthodox, our only appearance in Church was on Christmas day & Easter Sunday. "

"My Father, a locksmith, was an alcoholic and often came home violent and abusive, especially towards my mother. When I was 12 my father, after divorcing my mother, moved to Greece where we lost contact with him."

Five years ago, I resigned from my job in Moldova and moved to England with one suitcase.

"With such a poor role model, I soon fell into similar ways to my father and managed to get into all sorts of trouble. Despite being a senior engineer at a large telecommunications company I was restless and dissatisfied with life."

"Five years ago, I resigned from my job in Moldova and moved to England with one suitcase. I basically ran away from all my troubles and problems to start over. My work experience helped me to find work quickly but, incredibly, I was brought into the orbit of confessing Christians through someone at work. This is what was missing in my life!"

"I started reading the Bible and very quickly became convinced of its truth and authenticity, but more importantly of my need to repent and be reconciled to this living God. I joined a Romanian Baptist Church and gave my life to the Lord."

"Two years ago, the company I work for relocated me to Sunderland. I prayed that God would lead me to a suitable Church and was led to Sunderland Presbyterian Church and their pastor Nathan Hilton, a Westminster Alumni."

In March last year, when the war in Ukraine broke out, Serg travelled to the Ukraine border to work as a volunteer helping the refugees fleeing the war. He then spent another month in Moldova, also at the border with Ukraine, assisting families dealing with the devastation of fleeing their homes. Serg was able to share the gospel and tell those people about the peace and rest that is in Jesus Christ. He and two other Christians handed out Bibles and New Testaments to those people.

As Serg has felt the call of God on his life to serve in Christian ministry, he has applied to complete his theological training at Westminster.


Serg has signed up for 4 course this semester which add up to 234 teaching hours. He will be doing this while working full time! We are looking to raise £1,800 to cover his tuition for the semester. Could you help us support this courageous young man?

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