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Experts to Advise Us

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

In a significant development in the history of Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Newcastle, some notable Reformed seminary leaders have agreed to serve on its external consultancy body.

Dr Joel Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Seminary, Dr Joseph Pipa, past President of Greenville Presbyterian Seminary, and Dr David Garner, Dean of Students at Westminster Theological Seminary, will be joined by Mr Joe Fowler (GPTS) and Dr Engelsma (PRTS) in a new panel that will advise Westminster’s own leaders.

Together these men will share with us their knowledge and experience about starting, growing and forming confessional seminaries.

As Al Moehler has observed, ‘teachers in a confessional school not only pledge by sacred covenant to teach ‘in accordance with and not contrary to’ the confession of faith, but to do so gladly, eagerly, and totally.’

Of course, a confession of faith never stands above the Bible. The Westminster Confession of Faith self consciously describes itself as a ‘help’. Scripture, God’s written, infallible word, is ‘our only rule of faith and life’.

England, along with significant input from the Scottish Commissioners, gave us the magisterial Westminster Confession in 1647. It is an irony of history that in recent times many men – perhaps most – seeking the integrity of a confessional theological education have chosen to study in the US.

Westminster UK welcomes men who are called to the ministry from all evangelical persuasions. The partnership established between ourselves and these three premier institutions in the States now makes it possible for men to obtain a world-class, confessional theological education without travelling across the ocean.

Praise God with us!

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