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Dr and Mrs Joseph Pipa Celebrate Golden Anniversary at Westminster

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Dr Joey Pipa, President Emeritus of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, delighted Westminster students when he and his wife cut their anniversary cake at Westminster during a ten-day preaching and teaching visit to Newcastle.

It was Dr Pipa who, with founding President Bill Schweitzer, forged a special relationship between the embryonic Westminster and his well-respected theological seminary in South Carolina.

The golden moment – accompanied by stories of how the Lord led him to his wife – was just one of many days with the veteran church-planter and theologian made memorable for Westminster’s students.

Dr Pipa’s primary lecturing focus was on the fields of worship and ecclesiology. Against a backdrop of growing individualism in the evangelical church Dr Pipa’ challenge was timely: “Corporate worship is the most important thing we are called to do as Christians.

The Lord’s Day

Dr Pipa’s book, ‘The Lord’s Day’, was a seminal influence on Scottish rugby international Euan Murray, who hit the headlines in 2009 for his faithful stance on Sunday sport. On Tuesday 3 August Christians from across Newcastle’s churches gathered at All Saints to hear Dr Pipa warmly exhorting his audience to make the Sabbath a delight. Watch Dr Pipa deliver a further lecture on Christ and the Sabbath here.

Hanooq, a Westminster student and leader of a growing work amongst Asians, said “It was a privilege to learn from such an experienced teacher. He has changed my thoughts in different ways - I have clarity on a number of important issues to help me as I lead the Asian Christian Fellowship.

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