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An Online Curriculum

By anyone’s standards, putting a curriculum online is a massive undertaking, but the appointment of media specialist Peter Matthess takes the dream a step closer to realisation.

Using Moodle, the industry standard for virtual learning environments, Peter will work with Faculty members over the next eight months to craft a platform that places ownership of learning firmly with students.

This is important. Alongside heart religion, wisdom and courageous leadership, Westminster aims to instil an appetite for lifelong learning – including the disciplines of accurate research, thoughtful reading and critical analysis.

Our ambition is that, by God’s grace our students will look back on their Westminster years as a time in which healthy intellectual habits became a pattern for life.

Excitingly, an online curriculum makes possible blended learning, a carefully constructed combination of distance learning and face-to-face instruction. Our vision is that, for the first time, students beyond the UK will be able to begin their studies before relocating to Newcastle.

It’s a big project, but Stage One is already well under way as we upload course outlines, lecture outlines, reading lists, assignments and much more across all the courses we run at Westminster.

Please pray that this resource will be greatly blessed to our students, and, through them, to the wider church.

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