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2021-22 School of Theology Announced

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

How do we know that the Bible is trustworthy? We're delighted to have Brian Edwards, best-selling co-author of Evidence for the Bible and Through the British Museum with the Bible, addressing this crucial question as part of this year's Biblical Studies.

Is there anything new about the New Atheism? The Christian Institute's Simon Calvert is one of a number of men who will seek to help us understand and counter worldviews gaining momentum in a new strand on Apologetics.

And our Systematic Theology programme this year is warmly devotional as we consider Communion with God under the ministry of our President, Ian Hamilton, supported by Geoff Thomas and other pastor-scholars.

We warmly invite you to explore this year's School of Theology programme and to book your place, either in person or online. Our speakers combine expertise in their respective fields with pastoral experience in the ministry, evangelism and public witness.

Jonty Rhodes, Peter Naylor and David Mckay are amongst the other men leading our monthly lectures, which take place monthly on Saturday mornings at All Saints, on Newcastle's quayside. Sessions aim to bridge the gap between church and seminary, giving participants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of God, experience more of the unity of the Bible, and grow in their ability to defend the Christian faith.

Alonsgide the three strands of Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology and Aplogetics we have added this year a mini-conference on worship with Jon Payne, minister of Christ Church Presbyterian, South Carolina. Dr Payne will explore with us worship in the home and church, considering also the place of the Lord's Day in the Christian life.

By popular request, EnjoyBakes are back as our caterers.

To register your place, follow the link on this page.

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