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Degree Programmes

Master of Divinity (MDiv)


Our MDiv is a graduate level professional course for men who are training for the ministry. Those applying for the MDiv should have an undergraduate degree. The course can be done over three years full-time, or over six years part-time. 


Students who complete an MDiv will be thoroughly equipped in biblical, systematic, historical and practical theology. This course demands a considerable level of commitment that will stand students in good stead for the demands of ministry.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more or start an application.

Bachelor of Divinity (BDiv)


The BDiv course is designed for men training for the ministry and offers an excellent professional qualification.


We recognise that not all men who are called to the ministry will have had the opportunity to do an undergraduate course. We therefore invite men who are over twenty-five years of age and do not have a prior degree to apply for the BDiv programme.

Students completing this course will be thoroughly equipped in biblical, systematic, historical and practical theology.

Master of Ministry for Ruling Elders and Deacons (MMRE/MMD)


At Westminster, our vision to beautify the body of Christ means that we greatly value the office of Ruling Elders and Deacons. Men who serve in these offices are welcome to apply for either the Master of Ministry for Ruling Elders or Master of Ministry for Deacons programmes.


The Master of Ministry is a focused 35 credit hour course which aims to ground students in Biblical knowledge, Reformed Doctrine and practical ministry skills by offering a selected range of courses from the MDiv programme. Students enrolling on the MMRE/MMD can transfer their credits onto the MDiv course with the support of their church and provided progress is satisfactory.

ThM by Research 

Men who are already active in, or are retired from, the pastoral ministry are invited to submit a research proposal for a ThM by Research qualification.  The purpose is to motivate focussed reading and writing under the guidance of a mature theologian, with the ultimate aim of enriching one's ministry and benefit the church.

Applicants should hold a degree in theology or a discipline relevant to the proposed field. Our ThM also is offered in partnership with Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the cost for tuition is £800 per year.

We are currently inviting proposals in the fields of systematic, historical or biblical theology.  We will be glad to provide advice on research methods and academic style.

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We have a partnership with a faithful American seminary (Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary) rather than with a British university. While we hold to equally high academic standards, we believe that accreditation from the Church is our top priority. In the future we may offer degrees through other institutions, where we can do so in such a way as to preserve biblical orthodoxy.