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26-28 Oct 2023 | Newcastle
Joel Beeke

Joel Beeke

Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton

Simon Arscott

Simon Arscott

Peter Naylor

Peter Naylor

David Pfeiffer

David Pfeiffer


The Christian church has many needs today – great needs, pressing needs – but its greatest need is to know the triune God.  Beholding God means more than simply being made aware of the great truths that God has revealed about himself; it means appreciating, rejoicing, delighting in who he is – in such a way as to deepen our relationship with him.  If this happens, other things fall into place.


Our prayer for these three days together is that, beholding the glory of the Lord, we would be transformed into the same image – from one degree of glory to another!



Thursday 26 October 2023

Opening addresses by Joel Beeke and David Pfeiffer

Afternoon seminars with Joel Beeke, Mary Beeke, and Ian Hamilton

Evening address by Ian Hamilton

Friday 27 October 2023

Addresses by Simon Arscott, Peter Naylor, and Ian Hamilton

Panel Q&A rounds off the afternoon

Evening address by Joel Beeke

Saturday 28 October 2023

Global Update with Westminster students and alumni

Addresses by Simon Arscott and Joel Beeke

Conference ends at 2:00pm

Venue & Catering

The conference will be held in All Saints Presbyterian Church, a stunning 18th-century building in the centre of Newcastle.

A hot lunch and refreshments will be provided each day by a professional local caterer.



Should you have any questions about the conference simply get in touch with us via email or over the phone:

Email address:  

Phone number: 0191 261 0526

The conference will take place at All Saints Presbyterian Church, Pilgrim Street, NE1 2ES

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