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Application & Fees

General Requirements


Applicants must present the following:

  1. A completed application form, three references and an elder's recommendation

  2. A 2-3 page spiritual autobiography. This should be typed in 12 point and double spaced. 

  3. A CV, of 2 pages maximum, highlighting previous employment and education experience.

  4. Transcripts of any previous University or Seminary study. 

Applicants for the MDiv programme must hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Those who do not hold a prior degree may apply for the BDiv or a Certificate in Ministry for Ruling Elders or Deacons (See degree programmes).

Applicants who already hold a degree in theology may be admitted to the MDiv programme with advanced standing. This may also apply to students who have done relevant undergraduate or postgraduate work in other relevant disciplines.

Getting in Touch


We welcome applicants who wish to train for ministry and are supported by their Church or Session. To find out about the application process, or if you have any other questions, please get in touch with us via our contact page:

Alternatively, you can use our online form to start your application.

Transfer Students


Students enrolled in a theology degree at another institution may apply to transfer to our Master’s programmes with advanced standing. Applicants must submit an official transcript showing the courses they have completed, indicating at least a ‘C’ or 2:2 average. They must also be in good standing at their previous institution, and a statement of honourable dismissal may be required. Previous work will be evaluated for credit. No credit will be allowed for work that received less than a grade of ‘C’ or 2:2.

International Students


We welcome international applicants. They must be proficient in English and have sufficient funding. They must also comply with all applicable immigration/visa requirements. Unfortunately, we cannot presently offer Tier 4 visas. We will, however, try to help in whatever way we can.

An exciting recent development is our blended learning programme. This will enable students to do up to 40 per cent of their course by distance learning and 60 per cent in person. An excellent and user friendly Virtual Learning Environment will assist you with this. If you have any questions, then please get in touch.

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Image by Ben White
We look forward to hearing from you


Our fees are £200 per credit hour. On a four-year MDiv or BDiv programme this averages out at £6100 per year.


Through our internship programmes and sponsorship we aim to ensure that fees are not a barrier to you studying with us. Please get in touch about our internship programmes, sponsorship, or for any other fee inquiries.

The fees include access to our library and facilities in Newcastle.

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