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Apologetics & Ethics

The Apologetics and Ethics Department seeks to ground students in the basic principles of sound argumentation, debate, and discourse, and to equip them with a basic understanding and critique of the various currents of thought, both past and present, that they will encounter in their study and defence of theology. Emphasis is on developing and applying a sound apologetic method and ethics.

AP11 – Rhetoric (2 Credit Hours)

No Prerequisites
Lecturer: Mr Jonathan Winch
Description: An introduction to the fundamental principles of rhetoric, including a review of basic grammar, diction, and rhetorical devices with a view to improving the students’ writing and speaking abilities.

AP14 – Logic (2 Credit Hours)

No Prerequisites
Lecturer: Mr Jonathan Winch
Description: An introduction to the basic principles of logic, equipping students to detect logical fallacies, formulate proper arguments, and communicate rationally and persuasively. Emphasis is on developing coherent theological arguments.

AP21 – Introduction to Apologetics (2 Credit Hours)

Prerequisites: ST11, AP11, AP14
Lecturer: Dr Peter Sanlon
Description: An introduction to the task and method of defending the Christian faith. Attention is given to a survey of major philosophical schools from ancient to modern times, together with critical analysis and evaluation of major apologetic methods and systems. Preparatory to AP22 – Advanced Apologetics.

AP22 – Advanced Apologetics (2 Credit Hours)

Prerequisite: AP21
Dr Peter Sanlon
Description: An examination of the presuppositional apologetic methodology of Cornelius Van Til, together with a rebuttal of his critics and instruction in the employment of the Transcendental Argument.

AP41 – Cults (2 Credit Hours)

No Prerequisites
Lecturer: Dr Peter Sanlon
Description: A critical examination of ancient heresies (Montanism, Judaizing Christianity, Arianism, and Pelagianism) as they have influenced modern movements (e.g. Charismatic Churches, Religious Legalism, Unitarianism, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and various other cults).

AP42 – Ethics (3 Credit hours)

Prerequisites: ST11, AP22
Lecturer: Mr James Elkin (GPTS)
Description: A development of a Christian world-and-life view, including examination of the basis for Christian ethics as it is found in God’s Word. Includes an examination of the role of God’s Law in the construction of Christian ethics, as well as the application of Christian ethics in the modern world, using the Ten Commandments as the foundation.

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